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RVNG Intl. emerges as a beacon of innovation in the bustling soundscape of Brooklyn, manifesting as much more than a music label—it's a vibrant, artistic enclave. With a foundation built on the avant-garde, RVNG Intl. not only champions artists that defy easy categorization—those crafting electronic to the abstract and experimental—but also reveres the tactile allure of music, offering fans lavishly crafted physical editions that celebrate the ritual of vinyl listening. This commitment extends into the digital realm, ensuring their eclectic catalog resonates across contemporary platforms.

The label’s distinguished FRKWYS series epitomizes the seamless fusion of tradition and modernity, bridging the creative energies of musical pioneers with today's sonic explorers. Beyond this flagship endeavor, collaboration pulses at the heart of RVNG, fostering an atmosphere where each artist's vision is nurtured and realized through mutual support and artistic communion.

RVNG's ethos spills over into civic engagement, with partnerships spanning from NYC's White Columns Gallery to London's prestigious Barbican Center, and active participation in events like MoMa PS1’s Summer Warm Up series. These collaborations underscore the label's commitment to transcending conventional format boundaries.

Environmentally conscious, RVNG and its sister imprints—including Freedom To Spend and Beats In Space—integrate sustainability into their operations. From eco-friendly shipping materials to local distribution hubs that minimize their carbon footprint, they embrace practices that reflect a deep respect for our planet.

Matt Werth, the label's visionary, though hesitant to bask in the spotlight, steers RVNG with an intuitive grasp of the label’s evolving narrative, supported by a team that includes the artistic prowess of Phil Tortoroli and the creative synergy with Will Work For Good, the design studio that's been instrumental in crafting RVNG’s visual identity.

RVNG stands out for its eclectic auditory offerings, from the experimental operatics of Colin Self to the warm, electronic pop of Helado Negro, and for its reverence for musical heritage through meticulously curated reissues. It also branches into the community with Commend, a unique space that transcends the notion of a mere record store, embodying the spirit of a sanctuary for the exchange of ideas and celebration of culture.

Refusing to be pigeonholed as a mere lifestyle brand, RVNG Intl. thrives on its malleable, creative spirit, with team members like John Also Bennett finding fulfillment and inspiration within its dynamic environment. In essence, RVNG Intl. is not just a label but a living, breathing organism—a constellation of artistic endeavors that together form a unique, ever-evolving narrative of sound and community.


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