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Our Journey

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Our journey with Avanzert is deeply rooted in our passion for complex music, especially jazz. As avid concert-goers, we've always been captivated by the immersive experience of live music. There's an unparalleled magic in actively listening to music as it evolves right before your eyes and ears, an experience that no high-end audio system can truly replicate.

Over time, we realized that while mainstream concert sites catered well to popular tastes, they often fell short when it came to niche genres that we deeply cherished. The task of finding relevant concerts became a tedious endeavor, as it involved scanning through various label websites. These sites, with their varied formats and limited search capabilities, made the quest for finding the next evocative concert a challenge.

That's when the idea of Avanzert was born. The name, a fusion of 'Avant-Garde' and 'Konzert' (the German word for concert), perfectly encapsulates our vision: a platform dedicated to the lovers of sophisticated music, offering a centralized hub for discovering concerts that resonate with refined musical palates. With Avanzert, we aim to bridge the gap between genuine music enthusiasts and the concerts they yearn for, ensuring that the magic of live music is always just a click away.

Our Mission

At Avanzert, we are on a mission to enhance the experience of genuine music enthusiasts. Our goal is to be the bridge that connects lovers of sophisticated music with the captivating world of live concerts.

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We believe in streamlining the discovery process, making it effortless for music enthusiasts to find and enjoy live performances. Whether it's the intricate melodies of jazz or the ethereal sounds of classical music, we are here to ensure that the magic of live performances is accessible and celebrated.

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Our dedication goes beyond just enhancing concert discovery. We are committed to fostering an active community of music enthusiasts, where the beauty of music is actively listened to, felt, and shared.

Avanzert stands as a beacon for the avant-garde, ensuring that the rich tapestry of niche music genres is always at the forefront.

What we offer

Dedicated Music Coverage

Our passion lies in sophisticated music genres. We ensure fast and comprehensive updates on upcoming concerts that truly resonate.

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We enrich your concert discovery experience by providing extensive context information for every event.

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Find tickets with ease. Our concert pages offer pre-configured search links to major ticket vendors, specific to each event's location.

Our Music Blog

Dive deeper into the music you love. Our blog offers insights, stories, and more to further enrich your musical journey.

Personalized Alerts

Never miss a beat. Registered users can set up custom alerts, ensuring you're always informed when tickets for your favorite genres go on sale.


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