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Hungary is a country rich in musical culture, boasting a variety of genres including jazz, classical, ambient, and world music. The country has a long history of producing and celebrating great musicians and composers, with the likes of Franz Liszt, Bela Bartok, and Zoltan Kodaly all hailing from Hungary.

The Hungarian jazz scene is particularly vibrant, with many venues offering regular live performances from both local and international acts. Budapest is home to several jazz clubs such as the legendary Muzsikás House Of Jazz which hosts concerts almost every night. In addition to this there are also festivals such as the Budapest Jazz Festival which take place annually in the city.

Classical music is also popular in Hungary, with some of Europe’s most prestigious orchestras calling the country home. The Hungarian State Opera House hosts regular concerts featuring works by some of the most renowned classical composers such as Mozart, Beethoven and Haydn. Additionally there are several smaller venues that host chamber music concerts throughout the year.

Ambient and world music have also found a home in Hungary due to its diverse cultural heritage. The World Music Festival in Budapest showcases traditional folk music from around the globe while other events such as EthnoPort provide an opportunity for artists to explore different musical styles from different countries.


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