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Lenhart Tapes, whose real name is João Lenhart, is a Brazilian experimental music artist renowned for his unique style and innovative approach to creating music. Emerging from the underground scene of São Paulo, Brazil, he has carved out an impressive career in the field of experimental and electronic music.

Lenhart's musical style is characterized by his use of cassette tapes as a central element in his compositions. He manipulates these tapes to create ambient sounds, combining them with other traditional and non-traditional instruments. This gives his work a distinctive sound that stands out in the realm of experimental music.

Lenhart Tapes has released several albums since his debut in 2016. His most notable works include "Fita Lado A" and "Fita Lado B", both released in 2017. These albums showcase his unique tape-based composition techniques and have been lauded for their originality and creativity.

In 2018, Lenhart was invited to perform at the International Tape Loop Festival in Los Angeles, where he showcased his unique approach to music creation. This performance further cemented his reputation as one of the leading figures in the world of experimental music.

Throughout his career, Lenhart Tapes has consistently pushed boundaries with his innovative techniques and creative approach to music production. His work continues to inspire other artists within the genre and beyond.


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