Real Estate is an American indie rock band formed in 2009 in Ridgewood, New Jersey. The band consists of Martin Courtney (vocals, guitar), Alex Bleeker (bass, vocals), Jackson Pollis (drums), Julian Lynch (guitar), and Matt Kallman (keyboards). Real Estate is known for their dreamy, jangly guitar-driven sound that has been described as "sun-soaked" and "nostalgic."

The band released their self-titled debut album in 2009 to critical acclaim, establishing themselves as a prominent force in the indie rock scene. They followed up with albums like "Days" (2011) and "Atlas" (2014), which further solidified their reputation as masters of laid-back, melodic rock.

Real Estate has toured extensively around the world, playing at major music festivals such as Coachella and Primavera Sound. They have garnered a dedicated fan base and have received praise from critics for their consistent output of high-quality music.

In addition to their musical accomplishments, Real Estate has also been involved in various philanthropic efforts, supporting causes such as environmental conservation and mental health awareness.

Overall, Real Estate's career has been marked by their signature sound, strong songwriting skills, and captivating live performances. They continue to be a beloved presence in the indie rock landscape, with fans eagerly anticipating their future releases.


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