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Traumton Records, based in Berlin, Germany, has emerged as a distinctive voice in the international music scene, particularly known for its eclectic and innovative approach to jazz, world music, and beyond. Founded in the early 1990s, the label has dedicated itself to fostering originality and excellence in music production, providing a platform for artists to explore and develop their unique soundscapes without the constraints of mainstream expectations.

The label's roster showcases a diverse array of talents, from groundbreaking jazz musicians to avant-garde composers and world music ensembles. Traumton has a reputation for embracing the unconventional, encouraging its artists to blend genres, experiment with sound, and push the boundaries of musical expression. This openness has led to a catalog that is as varied as it is vibrant, featuring everything from traditional jazz quartets and innovative electronic music to cross-cultural collaborations that bridge geographic and musical divides.

Traumton Records prides itself on high-quality production values, ensuring that each release captures the essence and integrity of the artist's vision. The label's commitment to excellence extends to its packaging and design, which often feature artful and thoughtful presentations that enhance the listening experience.

Beyond its role as a record label, Traumton has also been involved in music publishing and production services, offering a comprehensive support system for its artists. This holistic approach has enabled Traumton to build strong, lasting relationships with its musicians, fostering a creative community that thrives on mutual respect and artistic freedom.

By championing innovative music and providing a nurturing environment for artists to grow, Traumton Records has solidified its position as a leader in the exploration of new musical horizons. Its dedication to discovering and promoting unique voices has not only enriched the global music landscape but has also established the label as a catalyst for artistic innovation and cultural exchange.


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