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Rune Grammofon is an independent music label based in Oslo, Norway. Founded in 1998 by Rune Kristoffersen, the label has gained a reputation for its eclectic roster of artists and its commitment to releasing innovative, boundary-pushing music.

The history of Rune Grammofon traces back to Kristoffersen's own passion for music. His desire was to create a platform that would support and promote artists who were pushing the boundaries of traditional genres. The label's name, Rune Grammofon—which translates to "Rune Phonograph"—reflects Kristoffersen's love for vinyl records and his belief in the enduring power of physical media.

One of the label's distinct characteristics is its diverse range of artists. Rune Grammofon has been home to musicians from various genres, including jazz, experimental rock, electronic, and avant-garde. This diversity has allowed the label to carve out a unique niche within the music industry.

Over the years, several artists associated with Rune Grammofon have gained international recognition for their groundbreaking work. One such artist is Supersilent, an improvisational collective consisting of Arve Henriksen, Helge Sten (Deathprod), Ståle Storløkken, and Jarle Vespestad. Their fusion of jazz, electronic music, and ambient soundscapes has earned them critical acclaim worldwide.

Another standout artist on the label is Susanna Wallumrød, known simply as Susanna. Her hauntingly beautiful voice, combined with her skill in reinterpreting classic songs, has made her a significant figure in contemporary folk music.

In addition to supporting individual artists, Rune Grammofon has also released collaborative albums that have garnered attention within the experimental music scene. One such project is "Food," led by Iain Ballamy (saxophone) and Thomas Strønen (drums). This collaborative effort combines jazz improvisation with electronic elements, further highlighting the label's commitment to musical innovation.


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