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The Espen Eriksen Trio is a renowned musical group from Norway, known for their distinctive style of contemporary jazz. The band was formed in 2007 by pianist Espen Eriksen, alongside bassist Lars Tormod Jenset and drummer Andreas Bye. Their music is characterized by an atmospheric blend of melancholic melodies and rhythmic patterns, creating a unique soundscape that reflects the Nordic jazz tradition.

Eriksen's minimalist piano style forms the core of the trio's sound, supported by Jenset's melodic bass lines and Bye's subtle drumming. The trio’s compositions are often described as lyrical and highly melodic, with a sound that is both sophisticated and accessible.

Since their debut album "You Had Me at Goodbye" was released in 2010 to critical acclaim, the Espen Eriksen Trio has consistently been praised for their refreshing approach to jazz. They have released four albums to date, each one further refining their signature sound and solidifying their place in the international jazz scene. Their third album, "Never Ending January," was particularly well received and led to several international tours.

In addition to their recorded work, the trio is also recognized for their captivating live performances. They've toured extensively across Europe and Asia, performing at prestigious venues such as London's Barbican Centre and the Oslo Jazz Festival. The Espen Eriksen Trio continues to push boundaries in contemporary jazz while maintaining a deep respect for the genre's traditions.