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Noise rock is a genre of alternative rock that emerged in the late 1970s and gained popularity in the 1980s. It is characterized by its abrasive sound, dissonant guitar noise, and unconventional song structures. Noise rock draws influences from various genres such as punk rock, post-punk, and experimental music.

The origins of noise rock can be traced back to bands like The Velvet Underground and The Stooges, who incorporated elements of distortion and feedback into their music. However, it was the New York-based band Sonic Youth that helped define the genre with their groundbreaking album "Daydream Nation" in 1988. Sonic Youth's use of alternate guitar tunings and unconventional playing techniques created a unique sonic landscape that became synonymous with noise rock.

Key characteristics of noise rock include heavily distorted guitars, aggressive drumming, and often chaotic vocals. The genre embraces dissonance and feedback as musical elements rather than flaws. Bands often experiment with unconventional song structures, incorporating improvisation and extended instrumental passages.

Over time, noise rock has evolved to incorporate elements from other genres such as shoegaze, post-hardcore, and metal. Bands like My Bloody Valentine and Swans have added layers of atmospheric textures to the genre while maintaining its aggressive edge. Other notable noise rock bands include Big Black, Jesus Lizard, Shellac, and Lightning Bolt.

One significant album associated with noise rock is "Psychocandy" by The Jesus and Mary Chain released in 1985. This album combined noisy guitars with pop melodies, creating a unique blend that influenced many future noise rock bands.

Noise rock's impact on the global music scene cannot be understated. Its abrasive sound challenged conventional notions of what constituted "good" music, inspiring countless musicians to push boundaries and experiment with new sounds. Many alternative rock bands in the 1990s were heavily influenced by noise rock's DIY ethos and disregard for traditional song structures.


Concert Schedule

Concert Date Artist Venue City
2024-03-06 Protomartyr Radio East Austin, US
2024-03-12 Horse Lords Icehouse Minneapolis, US
2024-03-13 Horse Lords The Empty Bottle Chicago, US
2024-03-14 Horse Lords The Grog Shop Cleveland, US
2024-03-18 Horse Lords Tubbys City of Kingston, US
2024-03-20 Horse Lords Solar Myth Philadelphia, US
2024-03-20 Ty Segall Treefort Music Fest Boise, US
2024-03-21 Horse Lords Ottobar Baltimore, US
2024-03-21 Kim Gordon Higher Ground Ballroom South Burlington, US
2024-03-21 Ty Segall Treefort Music Fest Boise, US
2024-03-22 Kim Gordon Black Cat Washington, US
2024-03-22 Ty Segall Treefort Music Fest Boise, US
2024-03-23 Kim Gordon Knockdown center Queens County, US
2024-03-27 Kim Gordon The Greek Theatre Los Angeles, US
2024-03-29 Kim Gordon Ventura Music Hall Ventura County, US
2024-03-30 Kim Gordon The Fillmore San Francisco, US
2024-04-01 The Body High Water Mark Lounge and Cafe Portland, US
2024-04-02 The Body Black Lodge Seattle, US
2024-04-04 The Body 924 Gilman Berkeley, US
2024-04-05 The Body Cafe Colonial Sacramento, US
2024-04-06 The Body The Midnight Hour Records San Fernando, US
2024-04-14 Horse Lords The Workman's Club Dublin, IE
2024-04-17 Ty Segall Zebulon L.A. Los Angeles, US
2024-04-19 Ty Segall 191 Toole Tucson, US
2024-04-19 The Body The House of Chiefs Baltimore, US
2024-04-20 Ty Segall Sister Bar Albuquerque, US
2024-04-20 The Body Foto Club Philadelphia, US
2024-04-21 The Body The Broadway Brooklyn, US
2024-04-22 Ty Segall The Mohawk Austin, US
2024-04-22 The Body Dracula Holyoke, US
2024-04-23 Ty Segall Duling Hall Jackson, US
2024-04-23 The Body Machines With Magnets Providence, US
2024-04-24 Ty Segall Nashville Nashville-Davidson, US
2024-04-24 The Body Sonia Boston, US
2024-04-26 Ty Segall The Orange Peel Asheville, US
2024-04-26 The Body Turbo Haus Montreal, CA
2024-04-27 Ty Segall Lincoln Theatre Washington, US
2024-04-28 Ty Segall Union Transfer Philadelphia, US
2024-04-29 Ty Segall Webster Hall New York, US
2024-05-01 Ty Segall Royale Boston, US
2024-05-02 Ty Segall Club Soda Montreal, CA
2024-05-03 Ty Segall The Danforth Music Hall Toronto, CA
2024-05-05 Ty Segall Beachland Ballroom Tavern Cleveland, US
2024-05-06 Ty Segall Thalia Hall Chicago, US
2024-05-07 Ty Segall The Waiting Room Lounge Omaha, US
2024-05-09 Ty Segall Gothic Theatre Englewood, US
2024-05-10 Ty Segall Kilby Block Party 2024 Salt Lake City, US
2024-05-11 Ty Segall Harlow's Sacramento, US
2024-06-17 Ty Segall Club Roxy Prague Prague, CZ
2024-06-18 Ty Segall Mascotte Zurich, CH
2024-06-20 Ty Segall Azkena Rock Festival Vitoria-Gasteiz, ES
2024-06-21 Ty Segall La Sirène La Rochelle, FR
2024-06-22 Ty Segall Élysée Montmartre Paris, FR
2024-06-22 Kim Gordon Wolf Trap Vienna, US
2024-06-24 Ty Segall New Century Hall Manchester, GB
2024-06-25 Ty Segall The Button Factory Dublin, IE
2024-06-27 Ty Segall Queen Margaret Union (Qmu) Glasgow, GB
2024-06-28 Horse Lords Mass Moca North Adams, US
2024-06-28 Ty Segall Roundhouse London, GB
2024-06-28 Kim Gordon Kasemattenbühne Graz, AT
2024-06-29 Horse Lords Mass Moca North Adams, US
2024-06-29 Ty Segall The Crossing Birmingham, GB
2024-06-30 Horse Lords Mass Moca North Adams, US
2024-06-30 Ty Segall Bristol Sounds 2024 Bristol, GB
2024-07-02 Ty Segall L'Aéronef Lille, FR
2024-07-02 Horse Lords The Vera Project Seattle, US
2024-07-03 Ty Segall Festsaal Kreuzberg Berlin, DE
2024-07-04 Ty Segall Vida Festival 2024 Vilanova i la Geltrú, ES
2024-07-05 Horse Lords The Lab San Francisco, US
2024-07-06 Horse Lords 2220 Arts + Archives Los Angeles, US
2024-07-07 Ty Segall Down The Rabbit Hole Beuningen, NL
2024-08-14 Ty Segall Paradiso Amsterdam, NL
2024-08-15 Ty Segall Planten un Blomen Hamburg, DE
2024-08-17 Ty Segall Langs Akerselva Festival Oslo, NO
2024-08-18 Ty Segall Slaktkyrkan Stockholm, SE
2024-08-19 Ty Segall Pumpehuset Copenhagen, DK
2024-08-21 Ty Segall Arena Am Panometer Leipzig, DE
2024-08-23 Ty Segall Hydrozagadka Warsaw, PL
2024-08-24 Ty Segall Kamienna 12 Krakow, PL
2024-08-25 Ty Segall Akvárium Klub Budapest, HU
2024-08-26 Ty Segall WUK Vienna, AT
2024-08-28 Ty Segall Acieloaperto Festival @ Chiosto San Francesco Cesena, IT
2024-08-29 Ty Segall End Of The Road Festival Salisbury, GB
2024-09-01 Ty Segall End Of The Road Festival Salisbury, GB
2024-09-02 Ty Segall The Old Market Brighton, GB
2024-10-10 Horse Lords Fasching Stockholm, SE
2024-10-11 Horse Lords Inkonst Malmo, SE