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Yin Yin is a unique musical ensemble that has captured the attention of global audiences with its vibrant and eclectic sound. This Dutch band, which was formed in 2017, prides itself on its ability to combine traditional Southeast Asian music with elements of disco, funk, and electronic music. The result is a captivating blend of sounds that transport listeners to distant lands while keeping them firmly on the dance floor.

The band was initially formed as a two-piece by Kees Berkers (Baby Galaxy, John Coffey) and Yves Lennertz (Bounty Island). They began by experimenting with different styles and sounds in their home studio before expanding into a full five-member band. Their debut album, "The Rabbit That Hunts Tigers," released in 2019, was met with critical acclaim for its innovative blending of East Asian influences with Western music styles.

Yin Yin's music is characterized by its psychedelic undertones and infectious dance rhythms. They draw heavily from the sounds of 1960s and '70s Thai music, known as Molam and Luk Thung, but infuse it with their own modern twist. The use of traditional instruments such as the phin (a lute-like instrument) alongside synthesizers and electric guitars creates a rich tapestry of sound that is both familiar and exotic.

Despite being relatively new to the music scene, Yin Yin has already made significant strides in their career. Their debut album received glowing reviews from various international media outlets like The Guardian and Bandcamp Daily. They have also been featured on influential radio stations such as BBC6 Music and Worldwide FM.

Beyond their recorded work, Yin Yin has gained recognition for their electrifying live performances. They have played at numerous festivals across Europe including Le Guess Who? in Utrecht, Netherlands; Eurosonic Noorderslag in Groningen, Netherlands; and Trans Musicales in Rennes, France.

Upcoming Concerts

Jan. 11, 2024

Amersfoort - Netherlands

Jan. 12, 2024

Podium Victorie
Alkmaar - Netherlands

Jan. 19, 2024

Groningen - Netherlands

Jan. 27, 2024

Yin Yin Festival
Maastricht - Netherlands

Feb. 1, 2024

Nijmegen - Netherlands

Feb. 2, 2024

Den Haag
Paard - Netherlands

Feb. 3, 2024

Vera / Club for the International Pop Underground
Groningen - Netherlands

Feb. 8, 2024

Europavox Festival
Brussels - Belgium

Feb. 9, 2024

Amsterdam - Netherlands

Feb. 15, 2024

Now The White Hotel
Manchester - United Kingdom

Feb. 16, 2024

Village Underground
London - United Kingdom

Feb. 17, 2024

Strange Brew
Bristol - United Kingdom

Feb. 18, 2024

Brighton - United Kingdom

Feb. 20, 2024

Lille - France

Feb. 21, 2024

Le Petit Bain
Paris - France

Feb. 24, 2024

Epicerie Moderne
Lyon - France

Feb. 27, 2024

Geneva - Switzerland

Feb. 28, 2024

Zurich - Switzerland

Feb. 29, 2024

Parco della Magnolia
Milan - Italy

March 1, 2024

Bologna - Italy

March 2, 2024

Monk Club
Rome - Italy

March 5, 2024

Kino Šiška
Ljubljana - Slovenia

March 6, 2024

City of Zagreb - Croatia

March 8, 2024

Budapest - Hungary

March 9, 2024

Nová Cvernovka
Bratislava - Slovakia

March 12, 2024

UT Connewitz
Leipzig - Germany

March 13, 2024

Berlin - Germany

March 14, 2024

Hamburg - Germany

March 15, 2024

Gebäude 9
Cologne - Germany

March 16, 2024

Alte Feuerwache
Mannheim - Germany


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