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Ruth Goller is a highly accomplished and versatile musician who has made significant contributions to the contemporary music scene. With a career spanning over two decades, Goller has established herself as an exceptional bass player, composer, and improviser.

Goller's musical style is difficult to pigeonhole, as she effortlessly navigates between genres such as jazz, rock, avant-garde, and experimental music. Her ability to seamlessly blend these diverse influences into her compositions and performances sets her apart from many of her contemporaries. Goller's bass playing is characterized by its technical proficiency, imaginative use of effects pedals, and a distinctively expressive tone.

Throughout her career, Goller has collaborated with numerous acclaimed artists and bands. She is a founding member of the influential British punk-jazz group Acoustic Ladyland, which garnered critical acclaim for their boundary-pushing sound. Additionally, she has worked closely with renowned musicians such as Robert Wyatt, Evan Parker, and John Edwards.

Goller's accomplishments extend beyond her collaborations. She has released several albums under her own name and as part of various ensembles. Her solo album "Ruth Goller: The Sky Unwraps" received widespread praise for its innovative compositions and captivating performances. Furthermore, Goller is an in-demand session musician who has contributed to numerous recordings across different genres.

Not only is Goller an exceptional performer and composer, but she is also dedicated to nurturing young talent through teaching at prestigious institutions such as the Royal Academy of Music in London.


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