Poolside is an American musical duo consisting of Filip Nikolic and Jeffrey Paradise. The duo formed in Los Angeles, California in 2010 and quickly gained recognition for their unique blend of electronic, indie pop, and disco-infused sounds. With their infectious beats and laid-back vibes, Poolside has become a prominent figure in the indie dance music scene.

Throughout their career, Poolside has released several critically acclaimed albums and EPs. In 2012, they released their debut album "Pacific Standard Time," which received widespread praise for its sunny melodies and groovy rhythms. The album featured popular tracks like "Harvest Moon" and "Do You Believe?" that showcased the duo's ability to create catchy tunes with a nostalgic feel.

In addition to their studio releases, Poolside is also known for their exceptional remixing skills. They have reimagined tracks by renowned artists such as Little Dragon, Tycho, and Rhye, adding their signature touch of breezy beats and dreamy synths.

Poolside's style can be described as a fusion of electronic music genres with elements of indie pop and disco. Their music often incorporates lush instrumentation, including smooth guitar riffs, funky basslines, and shimmering synths. This unique sonic palette creates a captivating atmosphere that transports listeners to a poolside paradise.

Over the years, Poolside has amassed a dedicated fan base around the world through their captivating live performances.


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