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Nabihah Iqbal, also known by her stage name Throwing Shade, is a British musician and DJ known for her unique blend of electronic, pop, and world music influences. With a background in ethnomusicology and a passion for exploring different musical traditions, Iqbal has carved out a distinctive sound that sets her apart in the electronic music scene.

Iqbal first gained recognition with her debut EP "Fate Xclusive" in 2014, which showcased her talent for crafting intricate beats and dreamy melodies. She followed this up with her critically acclaimed debut album "Weighing of the Heart" in 2017, which further solidified her reputation as an innovative artist pushing boundaries in the electronic music genre.

Known for her hypnotic live performances that combine live instrumentation with electronic production, Iqbal has garnered a dedicated following both in the UK and internationally. Her music has been praised for its emotional depth and sonic complexity, drawing comparisons to artists like Four Tet and Caribou.

In addition to her solo work, Iqbal has also made a name for herself as a respected DJ, spinning eclectic sets that span genres and eras. Her versatility behind the decks has earned her slots at major festivals and clubs around the world.

With a growing discography and a reputation for boundary-pushing creativity, Nabihah Iqbal continues to be an artist to watch in the ever-evolving landscape of electronic music.


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