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Lucrecia Dalt is a renowned Colombian musician and sound artist who has made significant contributions to the world of experimental music. Born in Pereira, Colombia, Dalt initially pursued a career in civil engineering before turning her focus to music. Her early work was inspired by her South American roots, but she gradually evolved towards more abstract and experimental sounds.

Dalt's music style is unique and distinctive, characterized by its avant-garde approach and innovative use of electronic elements. She expertly blends elements of ambient, drone, and experimental pop with spoken word narratives. This creates an immersive sonic landscape that challenges traditional musical boundaries.

Since launching her career in 2005, Dalt has released several albums that have garnered critical acclaim. Notably, her album "Anticlines" (2018) received widespread praise for its intricate sound design and philosophical lyrical themes. The record was hailed as one of the best experimental albums of the year by various publications.

In addition to her solo work, Dalt has collaborated with numerous artists across different mediums. She co-hosts a monthly radio show on Berlin Community Radio called 'Pli' where she explores concepts related to geology, literature, art, and cinema through sound.

Dalt's work extends beyond music into sound installation art. She has presented her installations at international festivals like MUTEK Montreal and Sonic Acts Festival in Amsterdam.


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