Hiss Golden Messenger

Hiss Golden Messenger is the musical project of singer-songwriter M.C. Taylor, known for his soulful blend of folk, country, and Americana music. The project was formed in 2007 and has since released numerous critically acclaimed albums that have garnered a dedicated fan base.

Taylor's songwriting is often introspective and deeply personal, drawing on themes of love, loss, and spirituality. His warm, raspy voice combined with rich instrumentation creates a sound that is both timeless and contemporary. Hiss Golden Messenger's music has been described as "a balm for troubled times" by NPR Music.

Throughout his career, Taylor has collaborated with a variety of musicians including Phil Cook, William Tyler, and Justin Vernon of Bon Iver. His live performances are known for their intimate and captivating nature, with Taylor's heartfelt delivery resonating with audiences around the world.

Hiss Golden Messenger has received widespread critical acclaim for albums such as "Lateness of Dancers" and "Heart Like a Levee", earning praise from publications like Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, and The Guardian. The project has also been nominated for several awards including the Americana Music Honors & Awards.

Overall, Hiss Golden Messenger is a talented artist whose music transcends genre boundaries to create a unique and compelling sound that continues to captivate listeners worldwide.


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