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Autechre is a revered British electronic music duo, consisting of Rob Brown and Sean Booth. Emerging from the city of Rochdale in 1987, they have significantly contributed to the evolution of UK electronic music. Their style is characterized by complex rhythmic patterns, innovative synthesis techniques, and an abstract approach to composition that defies traditional musical structures.

The duo has released numerous albums under the respected Warp Records label since their debut LP "Incunabula" in 1993. Notable works include "Tri Repetae" (1995), widely regarded as a landmark in IDM (Intelligent Dance Music) genre, and "Confield" (2001), which cemented their reputation for pushing boundaries with its intricate algorithmic composition methods.

Autechre's music has evolved over time from early techno and electro influences towards more experimental forms. They are known for utilizing custom-built software for music creation, often resulting in unique sonic landscapes that challenge conventional notions of rhythm and melody.

Their influence extends beyond music into visual arts; they've collaborated with designers like The Designers Republic on album covers, creating a distinct aesthetic that complements their sonic explorations.

In terms of accolades, Autechre's albums frequently appear on critics' end-of-year lists. For instance, "Exai" (2013) was named one of the best albums of the year by publications such as The Wire and Fact Magazine.


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