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The Stoller Hall, located in Manchester, United Kingdom, is a renowned music venue with a rich history and stunning architecture. Opened in 2017, it is part of the Chetham's School of Music campus and has quickly become a cultural hub for music lovers.

Designed by architects Stephenson Studio, The Stoller Hall boasts a modern and elegant design. Its acoustics are exceptional, thanks to the collaboration with Arup Acoustics, making it an ideal space for both intimate chamber music performances and larger ensembles. The venue can accommodate up to 482 guests in its main auditorium.

The Stoller Hall has hosted numerous notable events and performances since its inception. It regularly features classical music concerts, showcasing talented musicians from around the world. The hall also embraces other genres such as jazz and folk, ensuring a diverse range of musical experiences for its audience.

One unique feature of The Stoller Hall is its commitment to education and community engagement. As part of the Chetham's School of Music campus, it offers educational programs for aspiring musicians and provides opportunities for young talents to perform alongside established artists. This dedication to nurturing young musicians sets it apart from other music venues in the area.

In addition to its musical offerings, The Stoller Hall offers state-of-the-art amenities to enhance the concert experience. The venue provides excellent accessibility options for individuals with disabilities and has dedicated spaces for pre-concert talks and receptions. Its central location in Manchester allows easy access by public transport or car.

The Stoller Hall holds significant cultural significance within the local music scene. It contributes to Manchester's reputation as a vibrant city for arts and culture while honoring its rich musical heritage.


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