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The Tante JU is a historic music venue located in Dresden, Germany. It holds a significant place in the local music scene and has a rich history dating back to its construction in 1930. The architecture of the building is a remarkable example of the Art Deco style, with its iconic facade and ornate detailing.

Throughout its history, the Tante JU has hosted numerous notable events and performances. It has become renowned for its diverse range of musical genres, including rock, jazz, blues, folk, and world music. This versatility has made it a favorite among both local and international artists.

One of the unique features that sets the Tante JU apart from other music venues is its intimate atmosphere. With a capacity of around 600 people, it offers an up-close and personal experience for concert-goers. The venue's excellent acoustics further enhance this immersive experience, allowing audiences to fully appreciate the talent on stage.

In addition to its regular concerts, the Tante JU also hosts special events and festivals throughout the year. These include tribute nights dedicated to iconic musicians or bands, as well as themed parties that celebrate different eras or genres of music.

The Tante JU holds cultural significance within Dresden's music scene. It has played a vital role in preserving and promoting live music in the city, particularly during challenging times such as World War II and the subsequent division of Germany. Today, it continues to be an important platform for both established artists and emerging talent.


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