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Roy Thomson Hall is a renowned music venue located in the heart of Toronto, Canada. Named after the late Roy Thomson, a prominent Canadian businessman and philanthropist, this iconic concert hall has become an integral part of the city's cultural landscape.

Opening its doors on September 13, 1982, Roy Thomson Hall was designed by the esteemed architectural firm Arthur Erickson Architects. The building's unique architecture showcases a distinctive sloping glass exterior, giving it a visually striking appearance that sets it apart from other music venues. This design not only allows for ample natural light to fill the interior but also provides stunning views of downtown Toronto.

The hall boasts exceptional acoustics, thanks to its innovative design elements such as adjustable acoustic panels and suspended ceiling clouds. With a seating capacity of over 2,600, it offers an intimate yet grand setting for performances across various genres. While classical music remains at the core of its programming, Roy Thomson Hall also hosts a diverse range of musical genres including jazz, pop, world music, and contemporary compositions.

Over the years, Roy Thomson Hall has welcomed numerous world-renowned artists and orchestras. The Toronto Symphony Orchestra (TSO) serves as the resident orchestra of the venue and frequently performs here. Notable events include the annual Toronto International Film Festival's opening night gala and various live recordings by acclaimed artists.

Aside from its remarkable architecture and impressive lineup of performances, Roy Thomson Hall offers several unique features and amenities. The venue houses an elegant lobby with a soaring glass atrium that provides a breathtaking entrance for patrons. Additionally, it boasts excellent accessibility features including barrier-free entrances and dedicated seating areas for individuals with disabilities.


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