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Concerts in Heinz Hall for the Performing Arts


Heinz Hall for the Performing Arts, located in Pittsburgh, United States, is a renowned music venue that holds a significant place in the local music scene. With its rich history, stunning architecture, and exceptional performances, Heinz Hall offers an unforgettable experience for music enthusiasts.

Originally known as the Loew's Penn Theatre, Heinz Hall was built in 1927 and served as a movie palace during the golden age of cinema. Designed by the renowned architectural firm Rapp and Rapp, the hall features a striking neoclassical exterior adorned with intricate details. The interior boasts opulent decor with lavish chandeliers, ornate ceilings, and plush seating.

Since its transformation into a performing arts center in 1971, Heinz Hall has hosted numerous notable events and performances across various genres. It serves as the home of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra (PSO), one of America's most celebrated orchestras. The PSO regularly performs at Heinz Hall and offers an extensive repertoire ranging from classical masterpieces to contemporary compositions.

In addition to symphonic concerts, Heinz Hall also welcomes other genres of music such as jazz, pop, and rock. Renowned artists like Tony Bennett, Diana Krall, and David Byrne have graced its stage with their captivating performances. This diversity in programming ensures that there is something for everyone at Heinz Hall.

One unique feature of Heinz Hall is its exceptional acoustics. The hall underwent a major renovation in 1995 to enhance its sound quality further. The incorporation of state-of-the-art technology ensures that every note played on stage reaches the audience with utmost clarity and precision.

Heinz Hall's location in downtown Pittsburgh adds to its allure.


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