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Conservatorio di Musica "Giuseppe Verdi"

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The Conservatorio di Musica "Giuseppe Verdi" in Milan, Italy, is a renowned music institution with a rich history and a stunning architectural presence. Founded in 1807 as the Imperial Regio Conservatorio di Musica, it is one of the oldest conservatories in Italy and has played a significant role in shaping the country's musical landscape.

The conservatory is located in the heart of Milan and occupies an impressive building that combines neoclassical and Renaissance architectural styles. Designed by Luigi Canonica, the structure features grand halls, elegant corridors, and beautiful courtyards that create an inspiring atmosphere for musicians and visitors alike.

Throughout its history, the Conservatorio di Musica "Giuseppe Verdi" has been a hub for musical excellence. It has nurtured countless talented musicians who have gone on to achieve international acclaim. The conservatory offers comprehensive programs in classical music, including piano, violin, cello, composition, conducting, and vocal studies. Students benefit from world-class faculty members who provide exceptional guidance and mentorship.

The venue also hosts numerous notable events and performances throughout the year. The annual concert series showcases the talents of both students and faculty members. These concerts feature a diverse range of classical music genres, including symphonies, chamber music ensembles, opera performances, solo recitals, and choral concerts. The conservatory often collaborates with prestigious orchestras and opera companies to present outstanding productions that captivate audiences.

What sets the Conservatorio di Musica "Giuseppe Verdi" apart from other music venues is its commitment to preserving Italian musical heritage while embracing innovation. The institution places great importance on research and promotes contemporary composers alongside traditional repertoire.

Upcoming Concerts

Dec. 12, 2023

Raphaël Feuillâtre
Milan - Italy

Dec. 12, 2023

Lucie Horsch
Milan - Italy

Jan. 16, 2024

Mitsuko Uchida
Milan - Italy

Jan. 17, 2024

Randall Goosby
Milan - Italy

Jan. 20, 2024

Evgeny Kissin
Milan - Italy

May 15, 2024

Grigory Sokolov
Milan - Italy


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