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The Congress in Innsbruck, Austria is a renowned music venue that has played a significant role in the city's cultural scene for over 40 years. This architectural gem, located in the heart of Innsbruck, stands as a testament to the city's rich history and commitment to the arts.

Constructed in 1973 by architect Roland Rainer, the Congress boasts a unique and striking design. Its modernist architecture features clean lines and large glass windows, allowing natural light to flood the interior spaces. The venue consists of several halls, with the largest being the Great Hall, which can accommodate up to 1,800 people.

The Congress has hosted numerous notable events and performances throughout its history. It serves as a hub for various genres of music, including classical concerts, jazz performances, and contemporary music shows. The venue has witnessed breathtaking orchestral performances by renowned ensembles like the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra and the Mozarteum Orchestra Salzburg.

One of the most significant events held at the Congress is the annual Innsbruck Festival of Early Music. This internationally acclaimed festival attracts top musicians specializing in historically informed performances of Baroque and Renaissance music. It showcases exceptional talent from around the world and celebrates Innsbruck's historical importance as a center for early music.

Aside from its remarkable musical offerings, the Congress also offers state-of-the-art amenities that set it apart from other venues. Its excellent acoustics ensure an immersive experience for both performers and audiences alike. Additionally, its central location allows easy access to public transportation and provides visitors with stunning views of Innsbruck's picturesque surroundings.

The Congress holds great cultural significance within Innsbruck's music scene.

Upcoming Concerts

Jan. 25, 2024

Yuja Wang
Innsbruck - Austria

April 6, 2024

David Garrett
Innsbruck - Austria

April 15, 2024

Sheku Kanneh-Mason
Innsbruck - Austria


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