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Concerts in Band on the Wall

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The Band on the Wall, located in Manchester, United Kingdom, is a renowned music venue with a rich history and unique architectural features. This iconic venue has been a staple of the local music scene since its establishment in the early 20th century.

Originally built in 1862 as The George and Dragon pub, the venue was later renamed to Band on the Wall due to its distinct stage location, which was literally against the back wall of the building. Over the years, it has undergone several renovations and expansions while still preserving its historical charm.

The Band on the Wall has played a significant role in shaping Manchester's musical landscape. It has showcased an eclectic range of genres including jazz, folk, world music, reggae, electronic, and more. The venue has become synonymous with promoting emerging talent and hosting legendary performances by renowned artists.

Notable events and performances at Band on the Wall have included gigs by jazz legends such as Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong. In recent years, it has also hosted acclaimed artists like Adele, Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers, and The Fall. These performances have solidified its reputation as one of Manchester's premier music venues.

What sets Band on the Wall apart from other venues is its commitment to providing an intimate experience for both performers and audiences. With a capacity of around 340 people, it offers an up-close and personal atmosphere that allows concert-goers to fully immerse themselves in the music.

In addition to its historical significance and diverse musical offerings, Band on the Wall provides excellent amenities for visitors. The venue boasts a fully stocked bar serving a wide selection of drinks to complement your musical experience.

Overall, Band on the Wall stands as a testament to Manchester's vibrant music scene.


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