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Concerts in Auditorium - Orchestre National de Lyon

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The Auditorium - Orchestre National de Lyon is a renowned music venue located in Lyon, France. Designed by the acclaimed architect Jean Nouvel, this architectural masterpiece was completed in 1975 and has since become an iconic symbol of Lyon's cultural scene.

The Auditorium hosts a wide range of musical genres, with a particular emphasis on classical music. It serves as the home to the Orchestre National de Lyon, one of France's leading orchestras. The venue's acoustics are exceptional, providing an immersive and captivating experience for both performers and audience members.

Throughout its history, the Auditorium has hosted numerous notable events and performances. It has welcomed world-renowned conductors and soloists, showcasing their talent on its prestigious stage. The venue has also been the setting for recording sessions of various classical music albums, further establishing its reputation as a top-class facility.

One unique feature of the Auditorium is its stunning glass facade that allows natural light to flood into the concert hall during daytime performances. This creates a visually striking ambiance and enhances the overall experience for attendees.

In addition to its architectural beauty and exceptional acoustics, the Auditorium - Orchestre National de Lyon holds cultural significance within Lyon's music scene.