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Polyvinyl Record Co., established in 1996, is a cornerstone in the independent music scene, known for its diverse roster and commitment to vinyl records. Founded by Matt Lunsford and Darcie Knight in Champaign, Illinois, Polyvinyl started from a simple zine and evolved into a label driven by a passion for fostering close relationships with artists and fans alike. This ethos has been central to its operations, emphasizing a family-like atmosphere where creativity and artistic integrity are paramount.

Polyvinyl has become synonymous with quality indie music, showcasing a broad spectrum of genres from indie rock and pop to electronic and emo. Its catalog includes influential bands and artists such as of Montreal, whose theatrical performances and experimental music have garnered a devoted following; Alvvays, a band known for their jangly indie pop sound and heartfelt lyrics; and American Football, whose self-titled debut album became a defining work of the late '90s emo scene.

A distinctive feature of Polyvinyl is its dedication to the physical presentation of music, with a strong emphasis on vinyl pressings, often featuring limited edition colors and artwork. This approach has not only appealed to collectors but also underscored the label’s commitment to creating tangible, artful experiences in an increasingly digital world.

Polyvinyl's achievements reflect its innovative strategies and commitment to its artists and community, making it a beacon for independent music. Through fostering a supportive environment and embracing the evolving landscape of music consumption, Polyvinyl Record Co. continues to influence the indie music scene, championing a diverse array of sounds and stories.


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