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Igloo Records, founded in 1978 in Brussels, Belgium, stands as a testament to the vibrant and diverse European jazz scene. With a focus on jazz, contemporary, and experimental music, Igloo has carved out a niche for itself as a label dedicated to the promotion of innovative musicianship and the exploration of new sounds within the jazz genre and beyond. The label's ethos is deeply rooted in a commitment to artistic integrity, providing a platform for artists to experiment and express their unique visions without commercial constraints.

Over the decades, Igloo Records has cultivated a rich catalog that showcases the talents of both established jazz veterans and emerging artists, reflecting the label's mission to bridge the gap between generations of musicians. Its roster includes a wide range of artists, from Belgian jazz icons like Philip Catherine and Steve Houben to international talents, demonstrating Igloo's role in fostering cross-cultural musical exchanges and collaborations.

The label is known for its high-quality recordings, which capture the nuance and dynamism of live jazz performances, bringing the essence of the genre to listeners around the world. Igloo's releases often feature a blend of traditional jazz elements with avant-garde, folk, and world music influences, illustrating the label's open-minded approach to music production and its contribution to the evolution of the jazz genre.

Igloo Records also extends its influence through the organization of concerts and festivals, creating opportunities for live performances that strengthen the connection between artists and audiences. This commitment to live music underscores the label's understanding of jazz as a fundamentally live and improvisational art form.

Through its dedication to promoting high-quality, innovative jazz music, Igloo Records has established itself as a key player in the global jazz community, contributing to the genre's ongoing growth and transformation. The label's enduring success is a reflection of its passion for music and its unwavering support of artists who push the boundaries of jazz and related genres.