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Alabama Indie is a genre of music that originated in the state of Alabama, United States. It is characterized by its DIY ethos, independent spirit, and diverse range of influences including folk, rock, and country. The genre emerged in the 1990s with bands like The Dexateens and Verbena leading the way.

Over time, Alabama Indie has evolved to incorporate elements of Americana, blues, and soul, creating a unique sound that sets it apart from other indie genres. Artists like St. Paul & The Broken Bones and Alabama Shakes have gained international recognition for their soulful and powerful music.

One of the most significant albums associated with Alabama Indie is "Boys & Girls" by Alabama Shakes, which received critical acclaim and won multiple Grammy Awards. The album's success helped to bring attention to the Alabama Indie scene and showcase the talent coming out of the state.

Overall, Alabama Indie has had a significant impact on the global music scene by showcasing the talent and creativity of artists from Alabama. Its fusion of different genres and dedication to independence has made it a respected and influential genre in the music industry.


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