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Spain has a vibrant and diverse concert culture that is heavily influenced by its long history, varied geography, and cultural diversity. Jazz, classical, ambient, and world music are all popular genres in the country.

The country hosts a number of major music festivals throughout the year, such as Primavera Sound in Barcelona and Festival Internacional de Jazz de Madrid. These festivals attract some of the best international acts from around the globe while also showcasing the talent of local Spanish musicians.

Classical music is particularly popular in Spain with many cities hosting renowned orchestras and choirs. The Palau de la Musica Catalana in Barcelona is one of Europe's most important venues for classical music. It was built between 1905-1908 and is considered an architectural masterpiece due to its unique modernist design.

Jazz has been steadily gaining popularity in Spain over recent years with clubs such as Jamboree in Barcelona becoming well-known jazz hotspots. The city of Granada also holds an annual jazz festival which attracts both local and international artists.

Ambient music has become increasingly popular in Spain with many venues dedicated to this genre popping up across the country. One of the most notable venues is La Casa Encendida which regularly hosts live performances from ambient artists from around the world.


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