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Concerts in Berlin

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Berlin, Germany, has a rich and diverse music scene that encompasses various genres, including jazz, classical, and ambient. The city's cultural and historical significance in relation to sophisticated music is undeniable.

Jazz has played a significant role in Berlin's music scene since the early 20th century. During the Weimar Republic era (1919-1933), Berlin became a hub for jazz musicians, attracting renowned artists from around the world. The city's vibrant nightlife and liberal atmosphere provided fertile ground for experimentation and creativity. Notable venues like the Moka Efti club became legendary jazz hotspots, showcasing both local talent and international stars.

Classical music also holds a prominent place in Berlin's musical heritage. The city boasts several world-class orchestras, including the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, which is globally renowned for its exceptional performances under conductors such as Herbert von Karajan and Sir Simon Rattle. The Berlin State Opera is another prestigious institution that hosts acclaimed opera productions throughout the year.

Berlin's avant-garde electronic music scene has also given rise to the genre of ambient music. With its underground clubs and experimental venues, Berlin has become a haven for electronic musicians seeking artistic freedom and inspiration. Artists like Nils Frahm and Max Richter have embraced the city's thriving electronic scene while infusing elements of classical music into their compositions.

The cultural and historical significance of Berlin cannot be overlooked when discussing its sophisticated music scene. The city's tumultuous past, including its division during the Cold War, has shaped its musical landscape. After the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, East and West Berlin merged their musical traditions, resulting in a unique fusion of styles that continues to evolve today.


Concert Schedule

Concert Date Artist Venue
2024-02-28 GAIKA Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz
2024-02-28 Elisabeth Leonskaja Konzerthaus Berlin
2024-02-29 Bruce Liu Philharmonie
2024-02-29 Emily D'Angelo Staatsoper Unter Den Linden
2024-02-29 Emmanuel Pahud Philharmonie
2024-02-29 Elisabeth Leonskaja Konzerthaus Berlin
2024-03-01 Michael League Kammermusiksaal
2024-03-01 Bill Laurance Kammermusiksaal
2024-03-01 Emmanuel Pahud Philharmonie
2024-03-02 Emily D'Angelo Staatsoper Unter Den Linden
2024-03-02 Emmanuel Pahud Philharmonie
2024-03-02 Elisabeth Leonskaja Konzerthaus Berlin
2024-03-02 Susanne Folk Zimmer 16
2024-03-03 Elisabeth Leonskaja Konzerthaus Berlin
2024-03-03 Mario Rom's Interzone Donau115
2024-03-04 Constant Smiles Schokoladen
2024-03-05 Helado Negro Hole44
2024-03-08 Joana Mallwitz Konzerthaus Berlin
2024-03-08 DIIV Huxleys Neue Welt
2024-03-10 Caroline Shaw Konzerthaus Berlin
2024-03-11 Lang Lang Staatsoper Unter Den Linden
2024-03-12 Lang Lang Philharmonie
2024-03-13 Yin Yin Gretchen
2024-03-13 Fiona Grond A-Trane
2024-03-13 Karl Ivar Refseth Norwegische Kirche
2024-03-13 Tamikrest Gretchen
2024-03-13 Noura Mint Seymali Gretchen
2024-03-13 Lenhart Tapes Gretchen
2024-03-14 RIAS Kammerchor Berlin Berliner Philharmoniker
2024-03-15 IDLES Idles | Berlin
2024-03-15 Dave Douglas Zig Zag Jazz Club
2024-03-15 Augustin Hadelich Konzerthaus Berlin
2024-03-15 Hamid Drake Pierre Boulez Saal
2024-03-15 Gordan KvU
2024-03-16 Róisín Murphy Verti Music Hall
2024-03-16 Augustin Hadelich Konzerthaus Berlin
2024-03-17 Augustin Hadelich Konzerthaus Berlin
2024-03-18 Rolando Villazón Staatsoper Unter Den Linden
2024-03-20 Romare Metropol
2024-03-21 Oneohtrix Point Never Stage Theater des Westens
2024-03-21 Quatuor Arod Konzerthaus Berlin
2024-03-22 Javier Perianes Pierre Boulez Saal
2024-03-23 Jan Lisiecki Philharmonie
2024-03-23 Evian Christ Trauma Bar und Kino
2024-03-23 Manu Louis Loge
2024-03-24 VOCES8 Philharmonie
2024-03-25 Bill Ryder-Jones Berghain Kantine
2024-03-27 Rolando Villazón Staatsoper Unter Den Linden
2024-03-27 Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin Berliner Philharmoniker
2024-03-29 Joana Mallwitz Konzerthaus Berlin
2024-03-29 Samuel Hasselhorn Konzerthaus Berlin
2024-03-31 Dominic Miller A-Trane
2024-04-01 Dominic Miller A-Trane
2024-04-01 Ky Loophole
2024-04-04 Joseph Calleja Staatsoper Unter Den Linden
2024-04-04 Glass Beams silent green Kulturquartier
2024-04-07 Joseph Calleja Staatsoper Unter Den Linden
2024-04-08 Augustin Hadelich Konzerthaus Berlin
2024-04-10 Lisa Batiashvili Philharmonie
2024-04-10 Vincent Meissner A-Trane
2024-04-10 Slauson Malone 1 Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz
2024-04-11 Kaisa's Machine Donau115
2024-04-11 Vilde Frang Philharmonie
2024-04-12 Julia Holter Colosseum Filmtheater Berlin
2024-04-12 Vilde Frang Philharmonie
2024-04-13 Joana Mallwitz Konzerthaus Berlin
2024-04-13 Thundercat Columbiahalle
2024-04-13 Joseph Calleja Staatsoper Unter Den Linden
2024-04-13 Vilde Frang Philharmonie
2024-04-14 Avi Avital Zitadelle
2024-04-14 Daniel Barenboim Pierre Boulez Saal
2024-04-14 Joana Mallwitz Konzerthaus Berlin
2024-04-14 Nikolai Lugansky Berliner Philharmoniker
2024-04-15 Cymande Metropol
2024-04-16 Altin Gün Huxley'S Neue Welt
2024-04-16 Altin Gün Huxleys Neue Welt
2024-04-17 Sabine Devieilhe Philharmonie
2024-04-17 Gautier Capuçon Philharmonie
2024-04-18 Discovery Zone silent green Kulturquartier
2024-04-18 Kelly Moran Silent Green - Kuppelhalle
2024-04-19 Folly Group Urban Spree
2024-04-19 Julian Lage Gretchen
2024-04-19 Joseph Calleja Staatsoper Unter Den Linden
2024-04-19 Discovery Zone silent green Kulturquartier
2024-04-20 Discovery Zone Kreuzwerk
2024-04-23 Joseph Calleja Staatsoper Unter Den Linden
2024-04-23 RIAS Kammerchor Berlin Berliner Philharmoniker
2024-04-23 Khanate Berghain Kantine
2024-04-23 Cat Power Admiralspalast
2024-04-24 Birgit Minichmayr Philharmonie
2024-04-24 Leila Berghain Kantine
2024-04-24 Viktoria Tolstoy A-Trane
2024-04-25 Viktoria Tolstoy A-Trane
2024-04-25 Walter Trout Kesselhaus
2024-04-26 Daniel Barenboim Philharmonie
2024-04-26 Emmanuel Pahud Philharmonie
2024-04-26 Tobias Meinhart Zig Zag Jazz Club
2024-04-27 Daniel Barenboim Philharmonie
2024-04-27 Emmanuel Pahud Philharmonie
2024-04-29 Grigory Sokolov Philharmonie
2024-04-30 Shalosh A-Trane
2024-05-01 Shalosh A-Trane
2024-05-01 YUNDI Philharmonie
2024-05-03 Holler My Dear Ufa Fabrik
2024-05-04 Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin Kirche St. Elisabeth
2024-05-05 Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin Kirche St. Elisabeth
2024-05-07 Rudolf Buchbinder Philharmonie
2024-05-07 Emmanuel Pahud Chamber Hall
2024-05-07 bar italia SO36
2024-05-07 The Kills Columbiahalle
2024-05-08 Emmanuel Pahud Philharmonie
2024-05-09 Emmanuel Pahud Philharmonie
2024-05-09 Bertrand Chamayou Pierre Boulez Saal
2024-05-09 Bill Frisell Xjazz!
2024-05-10 Joachim Kühn Kammermusiksaal
2024-05-10 Joachim Kühn Trio Kammermusiksaal
2024-05-10 Emmanuel Pahud Philharmonie
2024-05-10 Joachim Kühn Philharmonie
2024-05-10 Michael Wollny Philharmonie
2024-05-10 Manu Louis Panke Culture
2024-05-11 Danny Brown Heimathafen Neukölln
2024-05-11 Gordan Ausland
2024-05-12 Tarmo Peltokoski Konzerthaus Berlin
2024-05-12 Kit Downes Xjazz Festival
2024-05-13 Chris Botti Stage Theater des Westens
2024-05-13 Brad Mehldau Konzerthaus Berlin
2024-05-13 Lea Desandre Philharmonie
2024-05-13 Thomas Dunford Philharmonie
2024-05-14 Daniil Trifonov Philharmonie
2024-05-14 Danish String Quartet Pierre Boulez Saal
2024-05-15 BIG|BRAVE Kantine Am Berghain
2024-05-16 Daniel Hope Konzerthaus Berlin
2024-05-16 Freiburger Barockorchester Philharmonie
2024-05-16 Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin Konzerthaus Berlin
2024-05-18 Isata Kanneh-Mason Philharmonie
2024-05-18 Emmanuel Pahud Philharmonie
2024-05-18 François-Xavier Roth Berliner Philharmoniker
2024-05-19 Andrè Schuen Pierre Boulez Saal
2024-05-19 Emmanuel Pahud Philharmonie
2024-05-19 François-Xavier Roth Berliner Philharmoniker
2024-05-20 Emmanuel Pahud Philharmonie
2024-05-22 Augustin Hadelich Konzerthaus Berlin
2024-05-23 Joana Mallwitz Konzerthaus Berlin
2024-05-23 Yannick Nézet-Séguin Philharmonie
2024-05-23 Hurray For The Riff Raff Privatclub
2024-05-23 Matthew Halsall Lido
2024-05-23 Beatrice Rana Philharmonie
2024-05-24 Joana Mallwitz Konzerthaus Berlin
2024-05-24 Yannick Nézet-Séguin Philharmonie
2024-05-24 Beatrice Rana Philharmonie
2024-05-24 Augustin Hadelich Konzerthaus Berlin
2024-05-24 claire rousay Silent Green - Kuppelhalle
2024-05-25 Joana Mallwitz Konzerthaus Berlin
2024-05-25 Yannick Nézet-Séguin Philharmonie
2024-05-25 Augustin Hadelich Konzerthaus Berlin
2024-05-25 Beatrice Rana Philharmonie
2024-05-25 Sextile Urban Spree
2024-05-26 Joana Mallwitz Konzerthaus Berlin
2024-05-26 Tamikrest Desertfest
2024-05-26 Lenhart Tapes Desertfest
2024-05-26 Noura Mint Seymali Desertfest
2024-05-29 Seong-Jin Cho Philharmonie
2024-05-30 Popa Chubby Quasimodo
2024-05-31 Kiasmos Huxley'S Neue Welt
2024-05-31 Olga Reznichenko Trio Donau115
2024-05-31 Fat White Family Lido
2024-06-01 Hovvdy Prachtwerk
2024-06-01 Villagers Passionskirche
2024-06-02 Beth Gibbons Verti Music Hall
2024-06-04 Pene Pati Staatsoper Unter Den Linden
2024-06-05 Daniel Barenboim Pierre Boulez Saal
2024-06-05 Magnus Lindgren A-Trane
2024-06-06 Magnus Lindgren A-Trane
2024-06-08 Pene Pati Staatsoper Unter Den Linden
2024-06-12 David Helbock Piano Salon Christophori
2024-06-12 Pene Pati Staatsoper Unter Den Linden
2024-06-13 Gustavo Dudamel Philharmonie
2024-06-14 Gustavo Dudamel Philharmonie
2024-06-15 Gustavo Dudamel Philharmonie
2024-06-15 Pene Pati Staatsoper Unter Den Linden
2024-06-17 Hélène Grimaud Konzerthaus Berlin
2024-06-19 Yuja Wang Philharmonie
2024-06-19 Michael Wollny Konzerthaus Berlin
2024-06-19 Jakob Manz Startfestival
2024-06-19 Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats Kesselhaus
2024-06-21 Fön Literarisches Colloquium Berlin
2024-06-22 Yuja Wang Waldbühne
2024-06-22 Interpol Parkbühne Wuhlheide
2024-06-25 Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin Konzerthaus Berlin
2024-06-28 Kian Soltani Konzerthaus Berlin
2024-06-29 Kian Soltani Konzerthaus Berlin
2024-06-29 RIAS Kammerchor Berlin Berliner Philharmoniker
2024-06-30 Philippe Jaroussky Staatsoper Unter Den Linden
2024-07-03 Ty Segall Festsaal Kreuzberg
2024-07-04 Philippe Jaroussky Staatsoper Unter Den Linden
2024-07-04 Susanne Folk Bflat
2024-07-06 Lars Danielsson Kolonnaden Konzerte
2024-07-07 Philippe Jaroussky Staatsoper Unter Den Linden
2024-07-10 Philippe Jaroussky Staatsoper Unter Den Linden
2024-07-12 Philippe Jaroussky Staatsoper Unter Den Linden
2024-07-16 Queens of the Stone Age Zitadelle
2024-08-09 Daniel Barenboim Waldbühne
2024-08-11 Pippo Pollina Internationales Kultur Centrum ufaFabrik Berlin
2024-08-13 PJ Harvey Zitadelle
2024-08-29 Rudolf Buchbinder Philharmonie
2024-08-29 Riccardo Chailly Philharmonie
2024-09-01 Klaus Mäkelä Philharmonie
2024-09-11 Jordan Rakei Huxley'S Neue Welt
2024-09-12 Kassa Overall Gretchen
2024-09-12 Avi Kaplan Columbia Theater
2024-10-14 Godspeed You! Black Emperor Huxleys Neue Welt
2024-10-21 Pat Metheny Philharmonie
2024-10-31 Marcus King Metropol
2024-11-01 Wolfgang Haffner Udk
2024-11-21 Shalosh Gretchen
2024-11-23 Jazzrausch Bigband Konzerthaus Berlin