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Yasmin Williams is an extraordinary musical talent who has carved a niche for herself in the realm of acoustic guitar music. Born and raised in northern Virginia, Yasmin's unique approach to her instrument is both refreshing and innovative. She uses various techniques including lap-tapping and fingerstyle to create a captivatingly rich sound that transcends traditional genres.

Yasmin's musical journey began with the rhythm game Guitar Hero II. From there, her interest in music grew exponentially, leading her to enroll at New York University’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music. Her debut album, "Unwind," was released independently in 2018, receiving critical acclaim for its melodic and percussive style.

Her second album, "Urban Driftwood," was released in 2021 and further solidified her reputation as a groundbreaking artist. The album has been praised by critics for its intricate compositions and masterful execution. NPR Music even named it one of their favorite albums of January 2021.

In terms of style, Yasmin's music is deeply rooted in American folk and blues traditions, yet she manages to incorporate elements from West African rhythms and modern minimalist music. Her performances are often solo affairs where she employs a variety of tunings, multiple capos, and percussive devices on her guitars to create layered melodies with a deep emotional resonance.

Yasmin Williams' exceptional talent has not only earned her recognition among critics but also admiration among peers.


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