VOCES8 Concerts

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VOCES8 is an internationally acclaimed vocal ensemble that has garnered widespread recognition for their exceptional musicianship and unique approach to choral music. Founded in 2005 by brothers Paul and Barnaby Smith, the group consists of eight highly skilled singers who are known for their seamless blend, impeccable intonation, and captivating stage presence.

With a repertoire spanning from Renaissance polyphony to contemporary works, VOCES8 showcases a diverse range of musical styles and genres. Their performances often include intricate vocal arrangements of classical masterpieces, spirituals, jazz standards, and pop hits. This versatility allows them to connect with audiences across various musical backgrounds and preferences.

Throughout their career, VOCES8 has achieved numerous accolades and accomplishments. They have released over 20 albums, many of which have received critical acclaim and topped international classical music charts. Notably, their album "Eventide" won the prestigious CARA Award for Best Classical Album in 2014.

In addition to their recorded work, VOCES8 is renowned for their captivating live performances. They have graced some of the world's most prestigious stages including Carnegie Hall in New York, the Sydney Opera House, and the Royal Albert Hall in London. The group has also collaborated with esteemed artists such as violinist Rachel Podger and pianist Jonathan Dove.

VOCES8's commitment to music education is another significant aspect of their career.


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