Sungazer is a musical duo consisting of guitarist Adam Neely and drummer Shawn Crowder. Formed in 2016, the duo quickly gained recognition for their unique blend of electronic, jazz, and rock music. Their music is characterized by intricate rhythms, complex harmonies, and virtuosic instrumental performances.

Adam Neely, known for his popular YouTube channel where he discusses music theory and bass playing, brings his expertise to Sungazer's compositions. Shawn Crowder, a seasoned drummer who has worked with artists like Cory Henry and Becca Stevens, provides the dynamic percussion that drives the duo's sound.

Sungazer has released several EPs and singles since their formation, including "Sungazer Vol. 1" and "Perihelion." They have garnered a loyal fanbase through their captivating live performances and engaging social media presence.

In addition to their own music, Sungazer has collaborated with other artists such as Jacob Collier and Tigran Hamasyan. Their innovative approach to blending genres and pushing musical boundaries has earned them critical acclaim in the jazz fusion community.

Overall, Sungazer is a rising force in the music world, combining technical prowess with creative vision to create a truly unique listening experience. Keep an eye out for this talented duo as they continue to make waves in the industry.


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