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Shai Maestro is a highly acclaimed Israeli jazz pianist and composer who has made a significant impact on the contemporary jazz scene. Born on February 5, 1987, in Israel, Maestro began playing the piano at the age of five and quickly displayed an exceptional talent for the instrument. Today, he stands as one of the most innovative and influential musicians of his generation.

Maestro's career took off when he joined bassist Avishai Cohen's trio in 2006. As a member of this internationally renowned ensemble, he had the opportunity to perform on prestigious stages around the world and collaborate with esteemed artists such as drummer Mark Guiliana. During his time with Cohen's trio, Maestro showcased his remarkable technical skills and remarkable ability to create intricate compositions that seamlessly blended elements of classical music with jazz improvisation.

In 2010, Shai Maestro decided to embark on a solo career, forming his own trio and releasing his debut album titled "Shai Maestro Trio" under the French label Laborie Jazz. This critically acclaimed album received high praise from both critics and audiences alike, establishing him as a force to be reckoned with in the jazz world. His unique style combines intricate harmonies with captivating melodies, showcasing his deep understanding of both traditional jazz idioms and contemporary influences.

Since then, Shai Maestro has released several more albums as a bandleader, including "The Road to Ithaca" (2013), "Untold Stories" (2015), and "The Stone Skipper" (2016). Each release further solidified his reputation as an exceptionally talented composer and performer. His compositions often reflect a wide range of emotions, drawing inspiration from personal experiences and cultural influences.

Throughout his career, Shai Maestro has received numerous awards and accolades for his exceptional contributions to jazz music. In 2015, he was awarded the prestigious Landau Prize for Performing Arts in the jazz category, recognizing his outstanding talent and artistic achievements.

Upcoming Concerts

Concert Date Venue City Country
Dec. 15, 23 Grand Hall Of The Conservatory Tbilisi GE

Dec. 15, 2023

Grand Hall Of The Conservatory
Tbilisi - Georgia


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