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Sarathy Korwar is an exceptional musical artist who has made significant contributions to the world of contemporary jazz and fusion music. Born in the United States and raised in India, Korwar's unique background and diverse cultural influences have shaped his distinctive style and approach to music.

Korwar's career began to take off after he moved to London in 2011. It was there that he found a thriving jazz scene that embraced his innovative sound. His music seamlessly blends traditional Indian rhythms with elements of jazz, hip-hop, and electronica, creating a truly captivating sonic experience. Drawing inspiration from his Indian heritage, Korwar incorporates tabla (a traditional Indian percussion instrument) into his compositions, adding a rhythmic complexity that sets him apart from other artists in the genre.

One of Korwar's most notable accomplishments is the release of his critically acclaimed debut album, "Day to Day," in 2016. This groundbreaking record combines field recordings of traditional Sidi musicians from Gujarat with contemporary jazz arrangements. The album received widespread praise for its bold experimentation and seamless fusion of different musical styles. It was even nominated for the prestigious Mercury Prize, solidifying Korwar's status as a rising star in the industry.

In addition to his solo work, Korwar has collaborated with numerous renowned artists across various genres. He has worked with British jazz saxophonist Shabaka Hutchings on the album "Your Queen Is A Reptile" by Sons of Kemet, which won the 2018 Mercury Prize. This collaboration showcased Korwar's versatility as a musician and further cemented his reputation as an artist pushing boundaries.

Korwar's live performances are also highly regarded for their energy and captivating stage presence. His band delivers powerful and mesmerizing performances that showcase their technical prowess while maintaining an infectious groove that keeps audiences captivated throughout the show.

Furthermore, Sarathy Korwar is not only known for his musical talents but also for his commitment to social activism.

Upcoming Concerts

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North Goa District - India

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Dec. 8, 2023

Fandom Gillys Redefined
Bengaluru - India

Dec. 9, 2023

Mumbai - India

Dec. 10, 2023

Cobbler & Crew
Pune - India

Dec. 12, 2023

The Piano Man
Gurgaon - India

Dec. 13, 2023

The Piano Man Jazz Club
Delhi - India


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