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Quatuor Ébène is a highly acclaimed and internationally recognized French string quartet that has made significant contributions to the classical music scene. Formed in 1999, the quartet consists of four exceptionally talented musicians - Pierre Colombet (violin), Gabriel Le Magadure (violin), Marie Chilemme (viola), and Raphaël Merlin (cello).

Known for their exceptional artistry, Quatuor Ébène has garnered widespread praise for their unique approach to interpreting classical repertoire. Their style seamlessly blends tradition with innovation, resulting in performances that are both technically brilliant and emotionally captivating. The quartet's versatility is evident in their ability to effortlessly switch between different musical periods, from classical masterpieces to contemporary compositions.

Throughout their career, Quatuor Ébène has amassed an impressive list of accomplishments. They have won numerous prestigious awards, including the ARD International Music Competition in Munich and the Belmont Prize for Contemporary Music. Additionally, they have been appointed as artists-in-residence at renowned institutions such as the Wigmore Hall in London and the Vienna Konzerthaus.

The quartet's discography is equally remarkable, featuring critically acclaimed recordings that have received accolades from both critics and audiences alike. Their album "Fiction" won the coveted Echo Klassik Award for Chamber Music Recording of the Year, showcasing their ability to bring a fresh perspective to well-known works while also championing lesser-known composers.


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