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Nik Bärtsch is a distinguished Swiss pianist, composer, and producer whose work has made significant contributions to contemporary jazz. Born on August 3, 1971, in Zurich, Switzerland, Bärtsch's unique style of music blends elements of jazz, classical, funk, and rock into an innovative fusion he describes as "Zen Funk" or "Ritual Groove Music".

Bärtsch began his career in the late 1990s with his band Mobile, later forming the quintet Ronin in 2001. His music is often characterized by its modular approach; each piece consists of various interlocking rhythmic and melodic patterns that evolve over time. This methodical and minimalist approach to composition reflects Bärtsch's interest in Japanese culture and Zen philosophy.

In terms of accomplishments, Nik Bärtsch has released numerous albums under the ECM Records label. His album "Stoa" was named one of the top albums of 2006 by The New York Times. He also received the prestigious Werkjahr award from the city of Zurich in 2006 for his contributions to the arts.

Furthermore, Bärtsch is co-founder of the record label Ronin Rhythm Records and runs a weekly concert series at a club in Zurich called EXIL Club for experimental music since 2009. In addition to performing and composing, he teaches at the Zurich University of Arts.