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Mary Halvorson is a highly acclaimed and innovative musical artist who has made a significant impact on the contemporary jazz scene. With her distinctive guitar playing style and fearless approach to improvisation, she has garnered widespread recognition and critical acclaim for her unique contributions to the genre.

Born in 1980 in Brookline, Massachusetts, Halvorson began playing guitar at an early age and quickly developed a passion for music. She attended Wesleyan University, where she studied with renowned saxophonist Anthony Braxton and graduated with a degree in composition. It was during her time at Wesleyan that she started to experiment with various techniques and approaches to the guitar, ultimately shaping her signature sound.

Halvorson's career took off in the early 2000s when she moved to New York City, a hotbed for creative jazz musicians. She quickly became an integral part of the city's vibrant jazz scene, collaborating with esteemed artists such as saxophonist Tim Berne, drummer Ches Smith, and pianist Jason Moran. Her ability to seamlessly blend complex compositions with free improvisation set her apart from her peers and established her as a trailblazer in the field.

One of Halvorson's defining characteristics is her unconventional approach to playing the guitar. She employs extended techniques such as prepared guitar (where objects are placed on or between the strings), unconventional tunings, and intricate fingerpicking patterns. This allows her to create a wide range of textures and sounds that push the boundaries of what is traditionally expected from a jazz guitarist.

Throughout her career, Halvorson has released numerous critically acclaimed albums as both a bandleader and collaborator. Her debut album as a leader, "Dragon's Head," was released in 2008 and received widespread praise for its adventurous compositions and innovative improvisations. Since then, she has released several other highly regarded albums, including "Bending Bridges" (2012), "Meltframe" (2015), and "Code Girl" (2018).

Upcoming Concerts

Dec. 9, 2023

Jazz Gallery
New York - United States

Jan. 7, 2024

Hey Nonny
Arlington - United States

Jan. 12, 2024

Bowery ballroom
New York - United States

Jan. 19, 2024

Théâtre Victor Hugo
Bagneux - France

Jan. 20, 2024

Paradox Tilburg
Tilburg - Netherlands

Jan. 23, 2024

Porgy & Bess
Vienna - Austria

Jan. 24, 2024

Munich - Germany

Jan. 25, 2024

Opus Jazzclub
Budapest - Hungary

Jan. 26, 2024

Gems Kulturzentrum
Singen (Hohentwiel) - Germany

Jan. 27, 2024

Kunsthaus Nexus
Saalfelden - Austria

Feb. 3, 2024

Regatta Bar
Cambridge - United States

Feb. 9, 2024

The Clarice
College Park - United States

Feb. 10, 2024

Buttenwieser Hall At The Arnhold Center
New York - United States

May 3, 2024

Brooklyn - United States


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