Makaya McCraven is a highly regarded American jazz drummer, producer, and composer known for his innovative and boundary-pushing approach to music. Born on October 19, 1983, in Paris, France, and raised in the United States, McCraven has quickly made a name for himself in the contemporary jazz scene through his unique style and inventive compositions.

McCraven's career began to gain traction with the release of his breakthrough album "In the Moment" in 2015. This critically acclaimed project showcased his exceptional ability to blend live improvisation with post-production techniques, resulting in a seamless fusion of jazz, hip-hop, and electronic music. The album received widespread recognition and was hailed as one of the best jazz releases of the year.

Since then, Makaya McCraven has continued to captivate audiences with his subsequent works. His 2018 release "Universal Beings" garnered significant attention for its ambitious concept—an exploration of global jazz by recording sessions in four different cities: Chicago, London, New York City, and Los Angeles. The album's success further solidified McCraven's reputation as an artist unafraid to push boundaries and challenge traditional notions of jazz.

In addition to his own solo projects, McCraven has collaborated with numerous notable musicians across various genres. He has worked alongside acclaimed artists such as Gil Scott-Heron, Jeff Parker, Nubya Garcia, and many others.


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