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Magnus Lindgren is a multi-talented Swedish musician, best known for his prowess as a saxophonist, flutist, and composer. Born on August 13, 1974, Lindgren's passion for music was evident from an early age. He studied at the esteemed Royal College of Music in Stockholm, where he honed his skills in jazz and classical music.

Lindgren's career has been marked by versatility and innovation. He is the founder of the Magnus Lindgren Quartet, an ensemble that blends traditional jazz with elements of soul and Latin music. The quartet has released several albums to critical acclaim, including "Batucada Jazz" which won a Swedish Grammy.

Beyond his work with the quartet, Lindgren has also made significant contributions to orchestral music. He served as the lead arranger for the Stockholm Jazz Orchestra for several years and collaborated with some of the world's leading orchestras like the WDR Big Band and Metropole Orkest.

Lindgren’s accomplishments are not limited to performance alone; he is also recognized as a prolific composer. His compositions often incorporate diverse musical styles from around the world - a testament to his broad musical tastes and understanding.

In addition to his Swedish Grammy win, Lindgren has been awarded the Django d'Or (Contemporary Star of Jazz) in Sweden and was nominated for Best Arrangement at the Grammy Awards in 2015 for "Funkytown.