Les Arts Florissants is a renowned musical ensemble specializing in early music, particularly Baroque repertoire. Founded in 1979 by William Christie, an American conductor and harpsichordist, the group has since become one of the most respected and influential ensembles in the field. With a focus on historically informed performance practice, Les Arts Florissants has played a vital role in reviving and popularizing early music.

Under Christie's leadership, Les Arts Florissants has amassed an impressive discography, featuring numerous acclaimed recordings. Their interpretations of works by composers such as Jean-Philippe Rameau, Marc-Antoine Charpentier, and Claudio Monteverdi have garnered widespread critical acclaim. The ensemble's commitment to authenticity and meticulous attention to detail have earned them a reputation for their impeccable performances.

Beyond their studio recordings, Les Arts Florissants has also captivated audiences around the world with their live performances. They regularly tour internationally, showcasing their exceptional musicianship and expertise in period instruments. The ensemble's concerts are known for their vibrant energy, technical brilliance, and deep understanding of historical context.

Throughout its illustrious career spanning over four decades, Les Arts Florissants has received numerous awards and accolades. They have been honored with prestigious prizes such as the Grammy Award for Best Opera Recording and the Laurence Olivier Award for Outstanding Achievement in Opera.


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