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Lathe of Heaven is a musical project founded by musician and producer Daniel Lopatin, also known as Oneohtrix Point Never. The project explores ambient and experimental electronic music, blending elements of drone, noise, and synth-pop to create a unique and immersive sound.

Lopatin's career began in the early 2000s, releasing music under various aliases before gaining recognition as Oneohtrix Point Never. In 2017, he launched Lathe of Heaven as a side project to further explore his interest in atmospheric and textural soundscapes.

Lathe of Heaven's music is characterized by its intricate layers of synthesizers, manipulated field recordings, and haunting melodies. Lopatin's production techniques often involve sampling and manipulating found sounds to create otherworldly textures that transport listeners to a dreamlike state.

Over the years, Lathe of Heaven has released several critically acclaimed albums and EPs, including "Weird Pile" and "The Ashes of Infinite Worlds." The project has garnered a dedicated following among fans of experimental music and has been praised for its innovative approach to electronic composition.

In addition to his work with Lathe of Heaven, Lopatin has collaborated with artists such as Iggy Pop, FKA Twigs, and David Byrne. He has also composed scores for film and television projects, earning him widespread acclaim for his boundary-pushing approach to sound design.


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