Kae Tempest is a British spoken word performer, poet, recording artist, novelist and playwright. Born on December 22, 1985, as Kate Esther Tempest in London, they came to prominence in 2013 with their Mercury Prize-nominated album "Everybody Down".

Tempest's style is unique and genre-defying; their work often blends elements of hip-hop, poetry, and storytelling. They are renowned for their incisive social commentary and ability to depict urban life with both grit and tenderness. Their work is characterized by its emotional intensity and the use of language that is at once raw and deeply poetic.

Throughout their career, Kae Tempest has garnered numerous accolades. In 2013, they won the Ted Hughes Award for their work "Brand New Ancients," a narrative poem set to music. They were also named a Next Generation Poet by the Poetry Book Society in 2014. Their debut novel "The Bricks That Built The Houses" was a Sunday Times bestseller.

In August 2020, they announced on Instagram that they identify as non-binary and changed their name from Kate to Kae. This announcement was met with widespread support from fans and fellow artists alike.

Kae Tempest's contribution to the arts extends beyond their own creative output; they are also an advocate for arts education and have spoken out about the importance of creativity in schools.


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