Dust is an iconic American hard rock band that made significant strides in the music industry during the early 1970s. Comprising of Richie Wise, Kenny Aaronson, and Marc Bell, Dust is often recognized as one of the first American heavy metal bands.

Their musical style was characterized by a unique blend of hard rock and proto-metal elements, with a touch of blues and psychedelic rock. This distinct sound earned them a dedicated fanbase and critical acclaim in their active years. Their debut self-titled album 'Dust' released in 1971, followed by 'Hard Attack' in 1972, both under Kama Sutra Records, showcased their raw energy and innovative approach to rock music.

Though they had a relatively short career span due to disbandment in 1972, each member went on to have successful careers individually. Richie Wise co-produced the first two albums for KISS; Kenny Aaronson became an accomplished session musician playing with artists like Bob Dylan and Billy Idol; Marc Bell (Marky Ramone) joined punk rock band Ramones.

Despite only releasing two albums, Dust's influence on heavy metal cannot be underestimated. Their music has been reissued multiple times over the years due to persistent demand from fans worldwide. In 2013, Sony Legacy released both their albums together as "Hard Attack/Dust," further solidifying their place in the annals of rock history.

Dust's contribution to early heavy metal is significant and continues to inspire many musicians today.


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