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Bobo Stenson Trio is a highly acclaimed and influential jazz ensemble formed in 1993. Led by Swedish pianist Bobo Stenson, the trio has gained international recognition for their innovative approach to improvisation and their unique blend of traditional jazz with elements of European classical music.

Bobo Stenson, born on August 4, 1944, in Vasteras, Sweden, began his musical journey at an early age. He studied classical piano and composition at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm before diving into the world of jazz. Stenson's distinctive style is characterized by his delicate touch, lyrical melodies, and a deep understanding of harmony. His playing demonstrates a remarkable ability to create rich textures and explore complex harmonic structures.

The Bobo Stenson Trio consists of Bobo Stenson on piano, Anders Jormin on double bass, and Jon Fält on drums. Together, they have developed a telepathic musical connection that allows them to seamlessly navigate through various genres while maintaining a strong sense of cohesion.

Throughout their career, the Bobo Stenson Trio has released several critically acclaimed albums. Their discography includes masterpieces such as "Reflections" (1996), "Serenity" (2000), and "Cantando" (2008). These recordings showcase the trio's exceptional musicianship, improvisational prowess, and their ability to create deeply emotional and introspective music.

Not only have they received widespread critical acclaim but also numerous prestigious awards.


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