Avi Avital

Avi Avital is a world-renowned Israeli mandolinist, known for his exceptional virtuosity and innovative approach to the instrument. Born in Be'er Sheva, Israel, on October 30, 1978, Avital began studying the mandolin at a young age and quickly demonstrated his extraordinary talent. Today, he stands as one of the most prominent figures in the classical music scene.

Avital's career has been marked by numerous achievements and accolades. He has collaborated with renowned orchestras such as the Berlin Philharmonic, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, and the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, among others. His performances have taken him to prestigious venues worldwide, including Carnegie Hall in New York City and the Royal Albert Hall in London.

Known for his diverse musical interests, Avital seamlessly blends various genres into his repertoire. While primarily focused on classical music, he also explores folk traditions and contemporary compositions. This unique fusion of styles has earned him recognition for his ability to captivate audiences from all walks of life.

Avital's discography is equally impressive, featuring an array of critically acclaimed albums. In 2010, he released his debut album titled "Bach," which showcased his exceptional musicianship and solidified his position as a leading mandolinist.


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