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Antoine Tamestit is a highly acclaimed French violist who has established himself as one of the leading musicians of his generation. Born in Paris in 1979, Tamestit began studying the viola at a young age and quickly displayed exceptional talent. He honed his skills at the Conservatoire de Paris, where he studied with renowned violist Jean Sulem.

Throughout his career, Tamestit has been praised for his remarkable virtuosity and expressive playing style. His performances are characterized by a rich and warm tone, coupled with a deep musical sensitivity that captivates audiences worldwide. Tamestit's technical prowess allows him to effortlessly navigate complex passages while maintaining an exquisite sense of phrasing and musicality.

Tamestit's accomplishments are numerous and have solidified his place among the most respected musicians in the classical music world. He has collaborated with prestigious orchestras such as the Berlin Philharmonic, London Symphony Orchestra, and New York Philharmonic, working alongside renowned conductors including Sir Simon Rattle and Daniel Harding.

In addition to his solo career, Tamestit is an avid chamber musician and frequently performs with esteemed ensembles such as the Belcea Quartet and the Trio Zimmermann. His collaborations have resulted in critically acclaimed recordings that have garnered numerous awards, including a Grammy nomination.

As an advocate for contemporary music, Tamestit has premiered several works written specifically for him by prominent composers such as György Ligeti and Bruno Mantovani.


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