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Alabaster DePlume is a London-based musical artist known for his unique blend of spoken word, jazz, and folk styles. As a saxophonist, bandleader, and composer, DePlume has carved out a distinctive niche in the contemporary music scene.

Born Angus Fairbairn in Manchester, England, DePlume began his career performing at open mic nights in his home city. He later moved to London where he became an integral part of the city's vibrant jazz scene. His performances are often characterized by their theatricality and improvisational nature, combining elements of storytelling with his evocative saxophone playing.

DePlume's breakthrough came with the release of his fourth album "To Cy & Lee: Instrumentals Vol. 1" on International Anthem Recording Co. in 2020. The album received critical acclaim for its gentle melodies and socially conscious themes. It was praised by The Guardian as "a soothing balm for hard times."

His work extends beyond music into social activism as well. He runs regular creative workshops for people with mental health challenges and has been outspoken about the therapeutic benefits of music.

In terms of style, Alabaster DePlume's music defies easy categorization. His sound draws from a wide range of influences including traditional British folk, Ethiopian jazz, and Japanese min'yō music. This eclectic mix creates a soundscape that is both familiar and novel.


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