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Al Di Meola is a highly accomplished and influential musician known for his exceptional skills as a guitarist, composer, and bandleader. Born on July 22, 1954, in Jersey City, New Jersey, Di Meola began playing guitar at a young age and quickly developed a unique style that blended various genres such as jazz fusion, Latin, and world music.

Di Meola gained widespread recognition in the mid-1970s when he joined Chick Corea's band Return to Forever. His virtuosic playing and intricate compositions became hallmarks of the group's sound. During this time, he released several critically acclaimed albums including "Elegant Gypsy" (1977) and "Casino" (1978), which showcased his technical prowess and innovative approach to music.

Throughout his career, Di Meola has collaborated with numerous renowned musicians including Paco de Lucía and John McLaughlin. Together with these artists, he formed The Guitar Trio in the late 1970s, creating an electrifying fusion of flamenco and jazz influences that captivated audiences worldwide.

Over the years, Di Meola has released over 30 solo albums, each displaying his versatility as a composer and performer. His music often features complex melodies, intricate harmonies, and lightning-fast guitar solos that demonstrate his unparalleled technical abilities.


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