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The Clarice

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The Clarice is a renowned music venue located in College Park, United States. It holds a significant place in the local music scene and has a rich history that spans several decades. The venue's architecture is a perfect blend of modern design and functionality, providing an exceptional experience for both performers and audience members.

Originally opened in 2001, The Clarice was initially known as the "University of Maryland Center for the Creative Arts." It was later renamed to honor its benefactor, Clarice Smith. The venue has since become a hub for artistic expression and cultural exchange, hosting a wide range of performances and events throughout the year.

One notable feature of The Clarice is its state-of-the-art facilities. It boasts multiple performance spaces, including the Kogod Theatre, which can accommodate up to 650 guests, and the intimate Gildenhorn Recital Hall. These versatile spaces allow for a diverse range of performances, from classical concerts to contemporary dance shows.

The venue is particularly renowned for its commitment to showcasing emerging artists and fostering innovation in the arts. The NextNOW Fest is an annual event held at The Clarice that celebrates creativity across various genres, including music, theater, and visual arts. This festival provides a platform for young artists to showcase their talents and connect with audiences.

In terms of musical genres featured at The Clarice, it covers a wide spectrum. Classical music enthusiasts can enjoy performances by renowned orchestras or chamber ensembles. Jazz aficionados will appreciate the regular appearances of world-class jazz musicians. Additionally, the venue frequently hosts contemporary music concerts featuring indie bands or experimental electronic artists.

The cultural significance of The Clarice cannot be overstated within the local music scene.

Upcoming Concerts

Concert Date Artist City Country
Feb. 09, 24 Mary Halvorson College Park US

Feb. 9, 2024

Mary Halvorson
College Park - United States


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