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Concerts in Moods (im Schiffbau)

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The Moods, located in the Schiffbau building in Zurich, Switzerland, is a renowned music venue that has been captivating audiences since its establishment in 1992. Housed within a former shipbuilding factory, this unique space offers an exceptional setting for live performances and has become an integral part of Zurich's vibrant music scene.

The architecture of the Moods is a testament to its industrial past. The venue seamlessly blends the historic elements of the Schiffbau building with modern design elements, creating a visually striking atmosphere. Its spacious interior can accommodate up to 600 guests, providing an intimate yet lively setting for concerts.

Moods has gained recognition for hosting a diverse range of musical genres. While jazz remains at the heart of its programming, visitors can also enjoy performances spanning from soul and funk to world music and electronic genres. This eclectic mix ensures that there is something for every music enthusiast.

Over the years, Moods has welcomed numerous notable artists from around the world. Renowned jazz musicians like Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, and Diana Krall have graced its stage, showcasing their virtuosity to captivated audiences. The venue also serves as a platform for emerging talents and local acts to showcase their skills and gain exposure.

One unique feature of Moods is its commitment to promoting cultural exchange through music. It frequently hosts international collaborations and projects that foster dialogue between musicians from different backgrounds. This dedication to diversity and inclusivity has made Moods a hub for cultural exchange within Zurich's music community.

In addition to its exceptional musical offerings, Moods provides patrons with several amenities that enhance their concert experience. A cozy bar area allows visitors to relax before or after performances while enjoying a wide selection of beverages.